Family/Community Engagement

HTCS SCC Christmas Dinner Theater 

This event is held it in conjunction with the school’s regular Christmas concert. The SCC put on a free ham supper open to the community and school families.  They also canvassed for Christmas decor donations and held a silent auction. This year, the concert followed the supper, with a dessert bar and hot chocolate station after the show ended. There was a silver collection and Food Bank box at the door as well. They had an amazing turnout (approximately 150 people) and raised $830 from the silent auction, $360 from the silver collection and $950 in food which they donated to the Rosetown Food Bank. Monies raised paid for the community meal. They also used some of the funds to purchase Christmas presents for a family in need. The goal of the event was to create a strong sense of community and to get as many people out to celebrate the holiday together.  The HTCS SCC are so happy with how well the event went over and that the students were the center of attention, which was another of their goal. SCC Chairperson, Adrienne Urban stated, “This will definitely be an annual event!”

Rossville Awesome Halloween Party – Submitted by Joleen Scheible

The Rossville SCC hosted a super fun Halloween Party at the school this year. It was awesome! The kids had a blast, but we think the Mom’s might have had more fun setting up the games and decorating! They are talking about doing a dance next year!

Harris Tessier Central School – Submitted by SCC Chair Adrienne Urban:



In October we co-hosted an open house with the staff which was open to the community (as are all of our events). It was a come and go tea to invite people into the school and see our changes. It allowed those in attendance to meet our new principal, as well as our new SCC.

At the end of October we held our annual Halloween Howler. Everything with this event was free with a silver collection at the door. A supper of hotdogs and hamburgers was provided along with a fortune teller, mystery box guessing game, cookie decorating, and most importantly, our Haunted House. We had close to 100 people in attendance this year,  and it just seems to be getting bigger every year.

On February 1st, author David Bouchard spoke at our school for both the students and community later that evening. He is an amazing speaker and I highly recommend every school to invite him as a guest speaker. Our fundraisers are going towards the cost of him attending the school and after hearing him speak, he is worth every penny!

Just last night we held another annual event called Freeze Fest. This was another free event open to the community with a silver collection at the door. Supper was beef on a bun/hotdogs and ceasar salad. We rented a sno-cone machine and cotton candy machine as well as a basketball toss game and two bouncy castles. One was a huge obstacle course that spanned the length of the gym. We also had a fish pond and the kids received a variety of toys for their prizes. Attendance was up from the year before and this too gets bigger every year. It was so nice to see so many different families and community members come together.

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Author David Bouchard