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     Sun West School Division Board of Education


Back Row:  Barb Cowell (Sub-division No. 8 ), Sue Lytle (Sub-division No. 4), Cathy Morrow ( Sub-division No. 7), Karen Itterman (Board Chair and Sub-division No. 3), Margaret Irwin (Sub-division No. 1),  Ruth Griffith (Vice-chair and Town of Kindersley)
Front row: John Collins (Sub-division No.6), Scott Sander ( Sub-division No. 5), Robert Dewey (Sub-division No. 2)

Check out Sun West School Division School Happenings! See the photos below.

dINS HERITAGE          Heritage Fair – Dinsmore Composite School –  Mrs. Blackwell Jones & Mrs. Lytle

cosmo                                        Cosmetology Class – Kindersley Composite School

CODING Coding Project – Davidson School

medival feastProject Based Learning-Biggar Central School 2000-Ms. Vavra and her Grade 9 class

PeBL Learning – Walter Aseltine School – Mrs. Gilchrist and Ms. A. Moore