Roles and Responsibilities of Council Members

Council Chair

The Council Chair will:

  • Oversee council operations.
  • Conduct council meetings.
  • Ensure that all members have input into discussion and decisions.
  • Act as spokesperson for council.
  • Prepare council meeting agendas in consultation with the principal and other designated council members.


Council Vice-Chair

The Council Vice-Chair will:

  • Support the Council Chair.
  • Perform responsibilities assigned by the Council Chair.
  • Conduct council meetings in the absence of the Council Chair.


Council Secretary

The Council Secretary will:

  • Record and prepare council meeting minutes.
  • Receive and send correspondence on behalf of council.
  • Take charge of official records of council.
  • Ensure that appropriate notice is given for all council meetings.


Council Treasurer

The Council Treasurer will:

  • Manage council finances.